Lighting Accessories for Off Road Vehicles

We provide a variety of off road accessories and installation service to meet your needs.

We offer a variety of lighting accessories such as driving lights, fog lights, grille LED light kits, light bars, off-road lighting, light pods, LED replacement bulbs, off-road light packages, off-road auxiliary lights, emergency lights, boat lights, RV lights.

We install the following brands of Tonneau Covers

  • Z Roadz
  • Rigid
  • KC
  • Putco
  • Oracle

Driving off-road isn’t like driving on pavement. There aren’t any street lights, buildings or cars around to provide additional light. You also need to see in areas you don’t need to watch on the road. On technical trails, you and your spotter need to see where your wheels are going. On flat trails, you need to see to the sides of your vehicle to spot oncoming obstacles. Driving fast? You need long throw lights, so you don’t drive past what you can see. By adding the right off road lighting accessories, you can get light where you need it when you’re off the beaten path.

Tacoma off road accessories

There’s more to off road lighting installation than just finding the coolest looking lights. There are several types of lights available, each with its own purpose. Off road lighting accessories can be separated into three main categories.

Area Lights

These spread the light around your off-roader, so you can see what’s next to your vehicle. This is handy for technical trails, where you need to know what you’re driving over. They’re also great to use as work lights, letting you see what you’re doing when you’re loading and unloading your vehicle.  

Driving Lights

These have a more focused beam pattern. They have a wider throw than standard headlights, giving you a better view of the trail and the surrounding area at low speeds.

Spot Beams

These lights have a narrow beam pattern with a long throw. Since you don’t need to worry about oncoming drivers, these lights can be brighter and light longer distances than high beams. This makes them ideal for high speed driving.

Off road lighting installation can get complex, because you’ll almost always need more than one type of light. If you’re driving fast, you’ll want spot beams for maximum distance, and driving lights to check for surrounding obstacles and animals. If you’re driving slowly, you’ll want area lights to see where your wheels are going, and driving lights to see the road ahead. Even if you don’t drive technical trails, area lights are great for making your vehicle visible to other off-roaders, and they’re handy when you when you need to work on your vehicle or set up camp.

Once you know which lights you need, you need to decide where to put them. Where’s the best place to mount the lights to minimize glare? Where do you have space to mount lights? Do you need to add a light bar to your roof, or an integrated solution for your grille and bumper? How do you add these off-road lights without compromising your street lights? While you can do the research yourself, it’s much easier to hire us to do the work. We know which off road lighting accessories work best for your vehicle, your driving habits, and your budget.

If you want your off road lighting installation done right, you need the experts at A1 Tint Pros Plus. For over 20 years, we’ve helped people in North Carolina get the most from their vehicles. We can help you find the right lighting setup for your off-road needs, whether you’re rock crawling or trail running. Your 4×4 won’t just look good, it will be safer and easier to operate in low light conditions.

When you’re ready to upgrade your off roader, request a quote online, or give us a call.