Side Steps For Off Road Vehicles

We provide a variety of off road accessories and installation service to meet your needs.

We offer a variety of side step accessories such as running boards, step bars and nerf bars from brands such as Go Rhino and N Fab.

Trucks and SUVs are high off the ground from the factory, because the body sits on top of a thick frame built for hauling and towing.

This makes it a challenge to get in and out of the vehicle. If you install a lift kit to get more ground clearance and fit bigger tires for off-roading, you may feel like you’re doing a high jump every time you climb into the cab.

When getting into your truck is a chore, it’s time to look into side step installation. Running board installation doesn’t just make it easier to get into the cab of your truck. These steps can extend across the bed, letting you climb up to the sides for better access to cargo.

Jeep Side Step Installation

What type of side step installation do you need? Options can be divided into four main categories, each with a specific use.  

– Cab Length Boards

These steps run underneath the doors of your vehicle, making it easier to get in and out of the cab.

– Bed Running Boards

These steps run along the bed of your truck between the rear of the cab and the rear wheel well. This lets you step up to the side of the bed, making it easy to access cargo and tie-downs. Bed running boards are usually paired with cab length running boards.

– Wheel-to-Wheel Running Boards

These run from the front wheel to the rear wheel, giving you a place to step up to reach the doors and the bed.

– Nerf Bars

These round metal tubes have a flat surface that can be used as a step. Some nerf bars also act as rock sliders, protecting the underside of your vehicle when you’re driving on technical trails.

What about ground clearance? If you spent time and money lifting your vehicle to keep it from scraping on difficult trails, it doesn’t make sense to install something that will get in the way. In this case, you should consider a motorized side step installation. These steps are wired into your vehicle’s door sensors. When you open your door, they drop down automatically. Once you shut the door, they fold in, sitting flush with the cab. This way, you can get into and out of your vehicle easily without compromising your vehicle’s ability to climb over rough terrain. Of course, they’re also a great option, if you want to keep your vehicle stock looking. Once the steps fold in, they’re almost invisible.

Having a step is nice for getting out of your vehicle, but stepping onto the ground isn’t always easy, especially if you’re off-roading. There’s nothing worse than putting your weight against what you think is flat ground, and rolling your ankle. If you choose a running board installation with built-in lighting, you can see where your feet will land, even at night.

If you want a running board installation that looks great and makes your vehicle easy to use, talk to the experts at A1 Tint Pros Plus. Request a quote online, or give us a call, and we’ll help you find a step solution that meets your needs.